Two Iranians sentenced to death over booze

Jun 26, 2012, 10:42 IST | Agencies

A court in the Iranian province of Khorasan has sentenced two local men to death after they were caught drinking alcohol for the third time, according to


The men's names were not released. It remained unclear whether they could still appeal the sentence, which a local judge said was "in process," said the report citing Iran's local ISNA news agency.
Alcohol consumption is banned in Iran in line with Islamic law, but is nevertheless reported to be on the rise due to a thriving black market, the report said.

drinking alcohol
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Punishment for first- and second-time drinkers in Iran could include flogging, while being caught inebriated for the third time could result in capital punishment.
However, actual executions of drinkers in Iran are exceedingly rare. In 2008, a man was sentenced to death having been caught under the weather for the fourth time and making a ruckus, but was later acquitted.

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