Two JJ Hospital doctors test positive for dengue

Sep 07, 2014, 06:01 IST | Dimple Bhavsar

Resident medical practitioners blame poor hygiene at living quarters as main cause

Two resident doctors of JJ Hospital have tested positive for dengue. One of them has been in a critical condition since August 29. They have been identified as Dr Samarth Agarwal (27), a third-year surgical resident doctor who hails from Siliguri, West Bengal and Dr Renu Yadav (24), a first-year anesthetist resident from Gurgaon.

JJ Hospital
The rear side of the doctors’ quarters is often waterlogged and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes

According to doctors at the hospital, Dr Yadav was shifted to the Critical Care Unit, when last week under Professor and Head of Department Dr Wiqar Shaikh after her platelet count fell below 23,000. She had to be administered single and random donor platelets and her condition gradually improved. Currently, she is recuperating in the hospital’s nursing home.

JJ Hospital1
Doctors at JJ Hospital stay in abysmal conditions without adequate facilities

Dr Agarwal, however, is still in the critical care unit and is in a serious condition due to fluid accumulation in his lungs and abdomen. According to sources, he had to be put on a ventilator.

According to the hospital staff, senior infectious disease specialist Dr Om Shrivastav attached to Jaslok hospital was summoned to examine Dr Agarwal, following which the latter showed signs of improvement.

Dr Agarwal and Dr Yadav stayed at the doctors’ quarters where lack of hygiene is a major issue. Doctors claim that hospital authorities do not provide them with mosquito repellents or nets. They have to arrange for everything. “The rear side of the building is waterlogged, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” said a doctor who resides in the building on condition of anonymity.

When contacted, Dr TP Lahane, dean of JJ Hospital, told sunday mid-day, “We haven’t received any complaints from the resident doctors regarding poor hygiene. The two doctors who were diagnosed with dengue were immediately treated. One has recovered completely while the other’s condition is improving.”

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