Two senior citizens and one child dies from swine flu in Mumbai

Mar 30, 2015, 23:31 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

Two senior citizens and a nine-year-old child from Thane have died from swine flu in Mumbai in the last 48 hours, taking the death toll across the city to 42

The number of swine flu patients in the city may have slowed down, but the fatalities are still on the rise. According to the BMC’s epidemic cell, three more people died in Mumbai from the disease in the last 48 hours. The casualties included two senior citizens and a nine-year-old child from Thane who had been admitted to a city hospital for treatment. The total number of swine fu patients being treated across the city has touched 1768 in the span of two and a half month.

A senior citizen died due to the H1N1 virus on March 28. The 66-year-old Walkeshwar resident was admitted to Breach Candy hospital on March 19 and was moved to Kasturba Hospital the same day. He died due to multiple ailments, from hypoxic encephalopathy to inflammatory bowel disease.

On the other hand, 74-year-old Malad resident, who was being treated for the disease for over ten days at Sidhhi Vinayak Hospital and then at Nanavati Hospital, also succumbed to Multiple Myeloma with Aspergillosis (wide variety of diseases caused by infection by fungi of the genus Aspergillus).

A nine-year-old girl child from Thane was the paediatric casualty. She passed away on due to cardio respiratory arrest on March 29. The child had been admitted to KilBil Children’s Hospital on March 25 and then moved to Kasturba Hospital within two days.

The three deaths have taken the death toll across the city to 42, out of which 15 cases are from Mumbai and rest are patients who came to the city for treatment. A total of 1562 Mumbaikars have been tested H1N1 positive from January 19.

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