Two SSC students stabbed outside exam centre

Mar 26, 2013, 06:51 IST | Sagar Rajput

The victims had allegedly been harassing a female examinee at JB Bhardha School near August Kranti Maidan, causing her brother to intervene; the brother and his friends clashed with the harassers after the exam yesterday

Two Std X students were stabbed outside the JB Bhardha School near August Kranti Maidan, their centre for the board exams, yesterday. The incident occurred after the examination ended at 2 pm. According to police officials, the two victims had allegedly harassed a fellow examinee during the exams.

The examinees were allegedly harassing the girl with lewd gestures during the examination. The girl said, “A boy was sitting on the first bench of the next row and was continuously making gestures at me. I complained to my brother about that and he slapped the boy.” The girl’s brother drops her to the centre for every exam.

“Six days ago, my brother had slapped the boy, after which my fellow examiner started sending two of his friends to harass me. They threatened to attack my brother if I turned to him for help. When my brother appeared today to drop me off at the centre, many boys had gathered there to attack him.”

Afraid, the siblings started running. They were accompanied by two of the brother’s friends. At one point, the girl’s brother and two of his friends were confronted by two attackers. A scuffle ensued, in which the two harassers were stabbed.

The girl added, “My brother always came with two of his friends. My brother and his friends attacked the two boys.” A family friend of the victims said, “Two persons had harassed a girl from the same centre a few days ago. The girl then informed her friend about the incident, who later sent goons to attack the boy.

The two boys saw these goons coming from and got caught in the scuffle. They had no idea what was going on, and before they could figure out what was happening, they were attacked with choppers.” The victims were immediately sent to Bhatia Hospital, where one of them sustained 32 stitches while the other escaped with bruises on his hand. 

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