Two-way solution for University of Pune junction bottleneck?

May 30, 2014, 05:27 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

To ease heavy traffic pressure on university junction, traffic police are planning to make one branch of one-way flyover open to two-wheelers from the other side

With the University of Pune junction proving to be a major bottleneck during peak hours, the Pune traffic police is trying to come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

UoP flyover
Is this the answer? The one-way UoP flyover was constructed in 2007.  It begins at the Shivajinagar side on Ganeshkhind road and splits into three branches. Pic/Mohan Patil

One such solution involves making one of the lanes of the one-way flyover at the junction open to two-wheelers from the other side as well.

The one-way flyover was constructed in 2007 and it begins at the Shivajinagar side on Ganeshkhind road and splits into three branches — one ending at the University of Pune junction, one towards Baner road and the third towards Aundh main road.

All vehicles coming from the other side, however, have to pass through the junction, leading to slow traffic movement and jams during the morning and evening peak hours (see box).

Two-way solution
To ease traffic pressure on the junction, the traffic police is planning to make the Aundh branch of the flyover two-way for two-wheelers, thus allowing them to get on from the Aundh side and exit on Ganeshkhind road.

“Traffic pressure is high on the UoP junction and monitoring it is also a difficult task. We are trying to at least get two-wheeler traffic coming from the Aundh side onto the flyover. We are working on it and have taken advice from some city-based engineers. A team of engineers from Mumbai also visited the spot last week to check the feasibility of this project,” said DCP (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare.

The solution, however, is not without its share of problems. “We can get two-wheelers from the Aundh side onto the flyover, but landing at the other end will be difficult. It could create confusion and lead to traffic jams at the Ganeshkhind road end. We are trying to resolve this issue,” added Panhare.

Baner resident Rohan Nalawade said, “I start an hour early for my office because I know I will have to wait at least 15 minutes at the UoP junction. The flyover is not of much use because it is one-way. The government should consider making it two-way to ease traffic pressure on the junction.”

Rasika Mali, a UoP student, said, “I get to the university by bus and there is always a traffic jam at the junction. The traffic signals also do not work sometimes and I traffic cops have to direct vehicles on their own.”

Traffic magnet

The UoP junction is very busy as all vehicles entering the city from Baner, Aundh and Pashan have to pass through it. Besides traffic to and from the University of Pune, there are also many offices and other educational institutes close to the chowk, adding to the traffic pressure.

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