Tyred? Please take a seat

Oct 14, 2012, 11:22 IST | Phorum Dalal

Serenity has introduced eco-friendly and comfortable seating designs which were born thanks to a eureka moment of 26 year-old designers, Pankti Doshi and Pradeep Dhangar, during a roadtrip to Goa

On a road trip to Goa last year, 26 year-olds, Pankti Doshi and Pradeep Dhangar, were struck with the idea of turning a stack of tyres into comfortable seats.

“Our car tyre got punctured and we walked many, many kilometres in search of a mechanic. When we found one, all my friends took pulled up stools while I was left with nothing. So, I sat on a pile of tyres that were lying around and to my surprise, they were very comfortable. Since then, we were toying around with the idea of tyre seats,” says Doshi.

A dash of vibrant colours, some pop and the result is for all to see.

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