U2's Bono takes his bed on tour

Mar 03, 2014, 06:50 IST | Agencies

Stars on tour often have their demands. But, none as weird as rock band U2’s lead singer Bono

Dublin: Stars on tour often have their demands. But, none as weird as rock band U2’s lead singer Bono.

Not Without you: U2’s lead singer Bono, with lead guitarist Edge, has hired a man who specifically drives his bed to any location where he might be performing. File pic

The U2 rocker the has his bed from his home in Ireland transported to all of the locations he was visiting.

A popular tour manager from the United States, Stuart Ross, said, “I know somebody whose job it was to drive Bono’s bed from hotel to hotel on the last tour. Bono wanted to sleep in his own bed every night.”

The With or Without You hitmaker has back problems due to which he demands for his own bed. His problems have been so serious that in the past that he even had to undergo surgery in 2010 which resulted in him and his bandmates — The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr — cancelling their headline set at the Glastonbury festival in Somerset, England.

U2 will perform their Oscar nominated single ‘Ordinary Love’ at the Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles today.

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