UFC 200: Sneak peak into the glamorous life of Octagon girls

Jul 09, 2016, 08:28 IST | A Correspondent

Here’s a sneak peak into the glamorous Octagon girls and their ringside life ahead of Saturday’s UFC 200

Las Vegas: Besides the raw muscle and tactical supremacy of the fighters who will be on display at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 200 on Saturday, viewers world over will be treated to a high dose of glamour too with three of UFC’s most prominent Octagon girls — Red Dela Cruz, Carly Baker and Rachelle Leah — being specifically handpicked for ringside duty at the MGM Grand Arena here.

Carly Baker
Carly Baker

So what’s special about these three Octagon girls?

Manila-born Dela Cruz is the first Filipina girl in UFC and was voted into FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women for four consecutive years (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

Rachelle LeahRachelle Leah

Carly is British and has done a host of TV commercials for Playstation, Guitar Hero, Ministry of Sound, Sony TV. She’s also a professional dancer who studied fitness and nutrition.

Rachelle, meanwhile, has been Playboy’s "Babe of the Month" in October 2006 besides also featuring on the October cover of Maxim magazine in the same year.

Red Dela Cruz
Red Dela Cruz

Being an Octagon Girl may seem easy with the girls having it simply strut their stuff ringside as they indicate the round numbers, but it’s years of hardwork and training that helps them stay in shape.

Dela Cruz maintains a very strict diet and supplements her "long beach walks" with "hours of strenuous dancing
routines" to stay fit. "I only eat healthy foods throughout, but I have one cheat day where I can steal in a pizza or pasta," said Dela Cruz.

For Carly a hard workout does the trick. "I love to workout, swim and kick-box. I practice a lot of muay thai and love spicy food," said Carly.

Rachelle prefers the water route to stay fit. "I do a lot of swimming and wakeboarding. I enjoy snowboarding too and workout daily," she says. And needless to say, all the girls simply love their job. "I love hosting UFC. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had. A tiny part of our job is to hold a sign and walk around the ring, but that’s just a tiny part. We also do all the photo shoots. We are the image of the sport," says Rachelle.

Carly feels she’s an ambassador of fitness too. "Every day is different. I get to travel the world and I’m very passionate about fitness. Having studied fitness and nutrition, I absolutely love spreading the word," she says.

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