Ugandans fuming after police officer gropes female opposition leader

Apr 25, 2012, 11:42 IST | ANI

A female opposition leader in Uganda was groped by a police officer after being pulled out of her car. The incident has angered the public.

After the groping incident, Ingrid Turinawe, was arrested outside Kampala, while she was en route to a protest rally that had been banned by authorities.

Footage of Friday’s incident, televised and spread online, showed Ingrid Turinawe crying out as an officer grabbed her breast.

“Leave my breast alone!” she shouted, slapping the officer''s hand away.

 A small group of exasperated Ugandan women protested in their bras Monday outside a Kampala police headquarters.

Turinawe, who leads the women’s league of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change, called the episode ‘sexual terrorism’.

“I was tortured at the hands of those goons in that van but there is no turning back,” The Los Angeles Times quoted Turinawe, as saying.

Later on Deputy police chief Andrew Kaweesa apologised for the incident, and said the incident would be probed.

Ugandan Police said the officer involved has been suspended. 

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