UK company offers women as perks in job ad

Jul 25, 2013, 10:21 IST | ANI

A company based in London recently posted a job advertisement, which cited women as perks

The event organising start-up company wants a developer, who is proficient in the Ruby programming language, the New Statesman reported.

In an ad posted to the London Ruby user group, Richard Green, the CEO and founder of the company, wrote the following potential perks of the job:

1. Keg of beer and beer tap fitted to your development desk?
2. The recruitment fee as your welcome gift?
3. 4 day week?
4. Building your own team of 4 from scratch
5. Shares and equity (so dull)
6. Commission from online sales.
7. An endless jar of Cadbury chocolate eclairs...
8. 4X female french, italian and spanish junior / front and backend developers
9. Your own Expresso [sic] coffee machine with frothy milk maker...
10. 30 days paid holiday if taken in December and August.

Green faced a lot of criticism for the ad; he responded by saying that what he had actually meant was that they are an equal opportunities employer and their team contained people from a variety of countries, backgrounds and genders.

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