UK man claims aliens in UFOs stole and flew away with car and dog!

Jul 15, 2013, 11:02 IST | ANI

A builder in UK has claimed that spaceships swooped to steal an old Datsun Cherry car and a pet dog

Keith Robins said that he was camping with his friends in Cardiff when 15 UFOs descended, beamed up his car and the Staffordshire pit bull terrier, the Sun reported.

Hatke news, Aliens abduct man's car, dog

The man revealed that he had parked his car with his puppy inside it and left for a few minutes, but on returning, he saw orange orbs rising from the spot. He said there were about 12 to 15 of them and they were gone in a flash.

Robins, who was just 17 when the incident happened in Cardiff, reported it to the Ministry of Defense, along with a diagram of the spaceship.

This incident came to light when the UFO desk released its final batch of documents to the public after being shut down in 2009. 

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