UK man tricks woman into having sex by posing as his own wife online

Jan 08, 2013, 15:06 IST | Agencies

A 25-year-old British man posed as his own wife online and tricked a woman to have sex with him.

A 25-year-old man in Britain pretended to be his own wife in a bid to dupe a woman into having sex with him.

Benjamin Ritchie from Derbyshire called himself 'Marina' and struck up an online friendship with a woman in her 20s.

UK man tricked woman into having sex by posing as his own wife online
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He asked her to help expose 'her cheating husband'.

The woman was asked by Ritchie (as Marina) to go to their home and have sex with her husband, Benjamin, film the events and send her the recording, a report said.

After the woman complied, she received a message from 'Marina' threatening to continue to having sex with Benjamin and film it.

Under duress, the woman engaged in sexual activity again with Ritchie on a number of occasions before she became suspicious and reported him to police.

According to the report, Ritchie, who admitted rape and two counts of sexual assault, was jailed for seven years at Derby Crown Court. 

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