UK mum with rare condition can hear noises inside her own body!

Jun 28, 2013, 09:23 IST | ANI

Julie Redfern's can also clearly hear her eyeballs rolling in their sockets and her heart beating, the Daily Express reported

She cannot dance because the vibrations make her eyeballs shake and when the phone rings her vision pulsates with its rhythm.

Even the crunching on apples and crisps made a loud noise inside her head.

Julie noticed the symptoms seven years ago after a bike accident.

She told the publication that she thought that she was going mad and started asking people if they could also hear such sounds.

She also consulted many doctors but no one could help until she read about a man with the same symptoms.

Julie has had one ear repaired and is awaiting surgery on the other.

She said that she would get cured but added that she would then miss hearing all these strange little things.

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