UK woman does house chores in her sleep

May 23, 2013, 10:43 IST | ANI

A woman from Newport, South Wales, has developed a peculiar condition in which she cleans and tidies the house while she is still sleeping

Claire Bartlett, 50, has an odd habit of doing the dishes, dusting and even shining the windows in a deep slumber, the Sun reported.

It started in October 2012, but since she does such a good job of cleaning up, neither she nor husband Crispin, want to seek a treatment for her problem.

Hatke News, UK woman does house chores in her sleep
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She asserted that she doesn’t feel tired afterwards and if anything, she is relieved that when she wakes up everything is already done.

She admitted that it happens about three times a week, but her family thinks it’s quite funny.

Bartlett added that she has even started leaving out the dishes hoping that her sub-conscious self will clean up after her.

The mum-of-four started sleepwalking six years ago for no apparent reason.

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