UK woman has oral sex with 24 men for a bottle of wine!

Jul 06, 2014, 08:23 IST | Agencies

A young British woman had oral sex with 24 men for a bottle of Cava worth only three euros

Melbourne: A young British woman recently performed different sex acts with almost 20 men in a bar in Mallorca.

Manuel Onieva

The blonde girl made her way around the dance floor and gave blowjobs to 24 different guys, for which she was given a bottle of Cava worth only ¤3, reported a website.

Manuel Onieva, the local mayor, completely rejected such activities ordering an investigation against such bars and further said that any violation of the law by bars will face their closure.

Apparently a number of bars in Mallorca have been caught encouraging young girls to perform sexual acts in return for prizes.

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