Uncle, nephew fished out of river 17 hours after drowning

Sep 12, 2013, 06:22 IST | Richa Pinto

Fervour and fanfare turned into grief and glum after two people drowned in a river at Panvel-Navi Mumbai on Tuesday evening while they were immersing the Ganesha idol

On Tuesday evening, Kiran Manore (40), his nephew Nikhil Manore (21) and other family members had gone to the river near Shivkar village in Panvel to immerse the Ganesha idol. However, due to continuous rainfall, the level of water had risen tremendously, making the immersions a dangerous task. Eyewitnesses at the spot said, that Nikhil first entered the deep waters.

Officials and locals fish out the body of 21-year-old Nikhil after he drowned during Ganesha immersions

However, owing to the rising levels, he soon started having trouble and began to drown. Seeing that his nephew was in trouble, Kiran soon followed into the deeper end of the water to help him. But, unfortunately, the water was too strong and both of them drowned.

The two bodies were traced on Wednesday morning around 11 am after fire brigade officials and police authorities started their search operations. “Once the bodies were recovered from the water, they were sent to Panvel’s Municipal hospital for a post mortem. The police have registered a case of accidental death,” said an official from Panvel police station. 

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