Understanding the Tao of life

May 07, 2012, 07:42 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The Guide chats with Sensei Kuki about his latest book, Tao of 3 Rings, in which the author illustrates ways in which one can find happiness, peace and fulfilment in life, in spite of the daily stresses of urban living

Monday mornings are dreaded by a majority of the working population. For several of us, the weekend seems to vanish in a flash, and we are left wishing for a miracle in the form of a mid-week break. We seem to be stuck in an endless rat race in the effort to get to the top, and miss out on the joy of living in the bargain.

Author Aashish Kuki

Author Sensei Kuki’s book Tao of 3 Rings is about ways in which we can lead a more fulfilling life by focussing on three basic aspects: health, happiness and peace — all of which get pushed into the backseat, given our current lifestyles. “Back in the day, people were healthy, happy and a lot more peaceful,” says Kuki, adding, “We lack that ancient philosophy in our outlook towards life today.”

In the book, Kuki shares epiphanies on life after the incident that had him stare into “death’s dark face.” The author overcame a paralysis attack that he says shattered not just his body, but also his mind and soul. It was during the recovery process that he realised the importance of adopting the ancient principles that help bring balance to the body and mind.  “Giving importance to just one aspect will not help,” says Kuki, adding, “People who concentrate on one aspect like the breath or the body tend to feel frustrated and dissatisfied with life.”

The author points out that the book is named after his love for the Chinese philosophy. Tao being Chinese for ‘way’ or ‘path’ that guides followers to the three rings: breath, body and mind. “Training of the body must include the three essentials: strength, endurance and flexibility; breath should include awareness in three phases: breathing in, pause and breathing out,” he says.

Mind training also has three parameters. “These are morality, concentration and wisdom,” adds the author, who is a devoted practitioner of yoga. “Yoga is an important chapter in every person’s life, but one should know how to do it perfectly, only then will it prove beneficial.” 

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