'Underworld Blood Wars' - Movie Review

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The 'Underworld' series has seen quite a few resurrections and this, the fifth, is no different. During the 13 years since its creation in 2003, the 'Underworld' franchise has no doubt, had fiercely loyal fans

'Underworld: Blood Wars'
Action, Horror

Director: Anna Foerster
Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Lara Pulver, India Eisley, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Charles Dance, Daenerys Targaryen, Bradley James, James Faulkner

The 'Underworld' series has seen quite a few resurrections and this, the fifth, is no different. During the 13 years since its creation in 2003, the 'Underworld' franchise has no doubt, had fiercely loyal fans. This one has all the regulated thrills, blood savoring and CGI punches of the past and it seems repetitive and tedious but the atmosphere and the sharply violent narrative jousts make it quite a rarefied experience.

Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. Selene's on the run from Lycans and Vampires both. In the immediate prequel she had sent her daughter away, to keep her out of harms reach and she claims not to know where. The Lycans are getting together, plotting to annihilate the Vampires and the Vampires have little alternative but to accept Selene’s offer of help.

Such stories( if they can be called that) rarely make sense. They are basically formulated around popular sentiment and gain extended life because of it. Vampires Tearing through flesh, drinking blood while Werewolves shed skin and shapeshift when required. Gore is available in plenty. The violence is breathtaking with Lycans getting split in half, their spines getting ripped off and vampires teleporting around, sporting useless weapons and becoming stronger because of it. Vampire politics are in the forefront here. Not everyone is in support of the amnesty given to Selene. Also there are gaps in the continuing story that make the ensuing action look predicative. Actors are dropped off without so much as an explanation( read Michael) and add-ons gain importance for reasons best known to the creators.

German-born cinematographer cum TV director , Anna Foerster may have had a undesirable task on hand but she does an impressive enough job of cutting through the murky past to fashion something that holds your attention for quite a bit of the brief runtime. Screenwriters Cory Goodman and Kyle Ward provide give enough exposition time to the leads so the audience don’t have to look elsewhere.

40 plus Kate Beckinsale looks good in her black latex catsuit, Charles Dance's Thomas is serviceable, Lara Pulver’s Semira is achingly vituperative while Bradley James' Varga is passable. Tobias Menzies, as Lycan Marius has little to do, while Daisy Head who plays his secret lover Alexia, looks memorable enough to register. Daenerys Targaryen who plays Lena of the Nordic Coven looks suitably impressive too on account of her physical appearance. CGI affects most of the narrative and therefore makes the engagement sparing. But for the all- enveloping, hugely atmospheric cinematography , excellently chilly locations and impressive set designs, this would have been a bloodless coup of sorts!

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