Unjunk your summer

Mar 20, 2013, 09:28 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Summer is the best time to lose weight. The GUIDE chatted with experts to offer some handy tips to eat right this season

Dietitian Suman Agarwal, author of the newly-released book, Unjunked, says that eating healthy is a way of life. “One can eat all kinds of food but having them in a healthy way and in the right proportion is the most important thing. Looking at the style and pattern of eating among Indians, I have included recipes in my book that ask you to eat everything but in a healthy manner.”

Ensure you consume adequate fluids

She adds that the most important thing to do in summer is to constantly replenish the water supply of the body. She adds that consuming butter with your meals helps detoxify your body.

Vegan is the way to go
Veganism is lately considered as the best alternative if you want to be fit and lose those extra kilos. People find it trendy and it is followed by many celebrities around the world.

Well-known author of Vegan Kitchen, Anuradha Sawhney says, “An essential thing while starting on a vegan diet is that you should not blindly follow the vegan trend but go vegan in a healthy way. One should avoid items like white rice and sugar. At the same time include a lot of fruits and whole grains in your diet.

A vegan diet can also help you lose weight and stay healthy

Organic food holds a lot of importance in getting a healthy body. So, fried foods are a big no-no! Include whole grains like jawar, bajra and oats in your meals.

Having a lot of salads also helps in getting your daily dose of fibre. Go for vegetable juices and aam panna to satiate the cravings in between meals. But don’t deprive your body of food.”

Beat the heat
Summer is considered as the best season to lose weight as you can shed those extra kilos more rapidly than than any other season thanks to sweat. Sunlight also helps weight loss by increasing serotonin levels. For all those on a weight loss programme this summer and have been cheating on their diet, make do by exercising more and avoiding carbohydrates like rice and roti for your next meal. 

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