Unleash your wild side!

Aug 31, 2012, 13:13 IST | Kumar Saurav

Why should your bedroom have all the fun? We show you how to get naughty at the wildest places

If sex is an art, innovation is its key. But by locking it behind bedroom doors, we devoid ourselves from fun that's extreme in the truest sense of the word.

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Pink satin bedsheets, aromatic candles and subtle lights maybe romantic, but aren't they just so boring? Here's how to let go of your daredevil instincts and not just live, but love on the edge.

It's all about altitude: Domestic flights are too boring to give air to the fire within, but if you two are flying abroad and that too in first class, get ready to carry the memoirs of this flight of fantasy to your grave. International flights have become all the more luxurious with recliners, sexy lights and more privacy. Lay down, slip into the blanket and you're ready to play the games. But don't just get so engrossed that you actually start screaming and don't realise that other travellers have become spectators.

Rock 'n' Roll: If you really want to take the act to the extremes, this one's for you. But don't try it at the infamous Lado Sarai rock climbing zone, because chances of you getting caught are really high. If you're really keen on it, go to some hill station in the Garhwal region, where there are enough secluded places to practice what you want. As you climb up, locate a base or gap that's spacious enough to accommodate both of you. Slip into it and for the next few minutes, think of it as your bedroom and indulge in whatever you want to there is no stopping. Don't fall off the edge or push off your equipments, else you'll stay stuck there forever.

Giant size fun: You can subtly try it out at the several amusement park rides. When thrill filled rides like Disco Disco, Bhoot Bangla or Columbus are running with few riders, buy two tickets and enjoy all the adrenalin rush.

Brought to you bike: You love riding and she loves clutching your waist, obviously. Fun rides high when you're on wheels. Obviously, you're not going to do this on city roads. If you do that, the police will send you for a not so pleasant ride. Instead, hit the highway at night, keep a check on the escalator, and make sure the parking stand is working, else the fall would pain. You could either park your bike behind the bush and ask her to lie on the seat or if you want more action, ask her to sit on the fuel tank facing you just like Rani Mukerji did, in Ghulam. In the first instance, you take charge while in the second, she has all the fun. But obey traffic rules ;)

Swept away: The falling and rising of waves can cause similar feelings within, if put to good use. Sail either to a secluded lake, or an open sea (not too far from the lifeguards, though). A life jacket is not the sexiest attire, but to rock really hard, you'll need the safety gear. If you're the captain, anchor the boat else you'll be 'swept away'. If the boat is large enough, you can try all the positions in the Kamasutra, else stick to moves with limited motions to keep the balance. Evenings work best for this.

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