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Jul 18, 2012, 08:51 IST | Deepak singh

Author Vasant Limaye's latest book Loch Griffin is a suspense thriller that promises to keep you engaged over many a rainy evening

Vasant Limaye’s latest book Loch Griffin, is a suspense thriller that is sure to keep you hooked to the book till its last page. The book, though has currently relesed only in Marathi; it is slated for a release in English within the next six months. 

Loch Griffin, Granthali Publications, R500, Available at all bookstores.

The story is about a small happy family that lives an ordinary life. But, certain extra-ordinary incidences that take place replace the happy moments with those of turmoil and depression.

Author Vasant Limaye

As the story takes on different detours, the readers will embark on a journey of fascination and fun-filled imagination. About the process of writing the book, author Vasant Limaye said, “At various stages of the book, I distributed the incomplete work to people ranging from the age group of 14 to 75 years. I was glad to receive a lot of positive feedback.”

Vasant Limaye added, “It took me five years to research and collect information about the content that I wanted to write. I made visits to the US to make myself comfortable and also to feel the emotions of what I had to write on.”

“I always admired the life of a common man. This encouraged me to write and turn a part time hobby into passion. This book is my admiration for life and things that can’t just be foretold. I have a habit of reading books which I have already read before. When I read them, I feel a sense of joy. If that happens with my readers, then that would be the best feedback I can get,” he concludes. 

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