Untidy men not getting enough sex

Mar 04, 2013, 13:56 IST | ANI

Men who are untidy around the house are paying the price by not getting any action in the bedroom

According to a survey, two-thirds of women have refused to have sex as a protest against clothes that need to be folded, hung up or put away, the Daily Express reported.

And women can suffer too. A quarter of men said that they have turned down a night of passion because their partner’s bedroom was too messy.

The study found British couples have 104 arguments a year about the mess in their homes with 2.4 million couples rowing twice a week over who should tidy up.

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Women’s biggest complaint was men leaving piles of clothes on the floor, an irritant for 36 percent of females questioned.

Meanwhile, a fifth of men complained their partner has too many beauty products and 17 percent said that the women in their lives own too many shoes.

A sexist 18 percent of men still believe it is their partner’s job to clean the house, with just five percent taking responsibility themselves.

The attitude increases domestic friction, the study by furnishing store Ikea found, with 16 percent of women resorting to shouting at their partner to get him to tidy up.

But a third of women concede it is less of a hassle to tidy up themselves than to continually nag.

Others find cunning ways of dealing with clutter, sneakily throwing it out or hiding it, the study found.

And a cheeky 10 percent bribe their men with the promise of an “early night” if they keep the house tidy.

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