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May 04, 2012, 06:48 IST | Ruchika Kher

Keen to add a personal touch to your next bash? Try customised cupcakes. The mini cakes are available in a variety of colourful frostings and naughty designs; ready to be served, as per your sweet-toothed requirements

From a baby shower to a birthday party and even the very macho bachelor bash, personalised cupcakes appear to be the norm for every occasion. To keep up with the demand, there is (may we add, very innovative) supply too. Several city-based bakers have given exclusive cupcake services the right shot of pizzazz and attitude to meet the demands of the new-age, choosy customer.

Angry Bird cupcakes

Personalised, please
“People are always attracted to things that resonate with them on a personal level. Who doesn’t like something that was made keeping them in mind! How one personalises a cupcake can be fun or emotional, and it’s a great way for friends and family to say something special to you through the cupcakes,” says Nandini Goil, who runs Lulu’s Cupcakes in Bandra.

IPL-themed cupcakes from Sugar Wish

Shivani Ved of Sugar Wish in Peddar Road echoes Goil’s views. “Nowadays, personalised cupcakes are much in demand because a cupcake allows you to experiment and express what you feel through colour, design and symbols, all made with icing and various types of sprinkles. The advantage that cupcakes have is that you tend to gift at least six cupcakes, thus offering several options to express yourself, as each cupcake can be different from the other,” she adds.

Cool customers
Sometimes imaginations do run wild, with requests like condoms, corsets, cuffs and whips making it to request lists. “This happens when it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a baby shower. It can be quite a challenge to create what people ask for sometimes,” says Natasha D’Silva, who runs Cakes and Cupcakes in Juhu. The quirkiest order she’s received to date? Cupcakes with brains on them for ‘Best-of-luck’ gift for a geek.

Better than chocolate
Given the popularity of cupcakes, dessert makers believe that the mini cakes might even over take chocolate, as a more suitable gifting option. “Cupcakes appeal to the younger generation more than chocolates as they are not impersonal unlike a box of store-bought chocolates,” says Natali Asrani of Cake It Away. Then there’s the cost factor. “For around Rs 500, you can get a decent box of chocolates, or a box of approximately eight to 10 cupcakes that are colourful, attractive, and yummy, and are surely not going to sit on a shelf in the hall,” adds Natali.

Size matters
“There’s so much more that you can do with cupcakes – designing, colours, texture and cartoon images,” says Shivani, adding, “The size of a cupcake works to its advantage. Chocolates always tend to be smaller. Although there’s so much that you can do with chocolate, the personal touch is more evident when gifting a box of personalised cupcakes.”

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