US animated comedy show 'Family Guy' kills Brian the Dog

Nov 26, 2013, 23:37 IST | ANI

Hit US comedy show 'Family Guy' has killed one of the cartoon's main character, Brian the Dog.

The Griffin family''s sardonic dog, died in the episode after he was hit by a car. Stewie tearful told his friend that he couldn’t die, the ABC News reported. 

He further said they were going to do so many things together, like becoming windsurfers, though he would be a little better than him but they were both going to be good.

The episode shows the family crying as they stand close to Brian, when he opens his eyes long enough to utter his last words that they have given him a wonderful life, and he loves them all.

In the final scene, the family hugged after the dog shut his eyes for the last time. 

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