US drone kills six in Pakistan

Sep 06, 2013, 14:06 IST | IANS

At least six people were killed in an attack by US drones in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region early Friday, security officials said

The US drone fired two missiles at a compound close to the Afghan border, IRNA reported.


The house was destroyed in the attack, residents said.

There was no information about the identity of the slain victims.

The Friday attack was the second US strike in the same region in a week. A US drone killed at least four people in Heso Khel area, east of Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan Aug 31.

Pakistani officials have long been involved in talks with the US to find out an alternate solution to the drone issue.

US Secretary of State John Kerry suggested last week that the drone strikes targeting Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan could end "very soon" as the threat of militancy recedes.

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