US man accused of drink driving with zebra, parrot

May 24, 2012, 06:10 IST | Agencies

Police in Dubuque, Iowa, responded to an unusual call this week: reports of a zebra and a parrot in the front seat of a truck parked outside a bar.

The striped animal and his fine feathered friend were there to keep their owner company, but weren’t allowed in the bar. Jerald Reiter told police the zebra and maccaw parrot enjoy going for rides in his truck, so he brought them to the bar, which he says usually allows animals inside.

When the motley crew got to the bar, they were told because food was being served, the animals wouldn’t be allowed inside. When officers arrived on the scene, they stopped Reiter in the parking lot as he was driving his truck away.

Field sobriety tests found he had nearly twice the legal limit in his system. His girlfriend, Vickie Teters, said, “They love going for rides. They’re just a part of the family.”

Reiter also disputes the drink driving charge, saying he realised he was too drunk to drive. Hence, he was about to let a passenger take the wheel when he was arrested.

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