US man hides under ex-girlfriend's bed for three days

Jul 26, 2015, 16:33 IST | Agencies

Homeless Jason Hubbard entered his ex’s house when the owner took out the garbage

Spotswood: A man, who sneaked into a central New Jersey home, hid under a bed for three days before he was found. He happened to be the ex-boyfriend of the homeowners’ daughter.

Pic/Spotswood police department via Facebook
Pic/Spotswood police department via Facebook

Spotswood police announced late Tuesday that Jason Hubbard was charged with burglary in the incident, which occurred in May this year. He was also charged with theft of services because he charged his four cellphones in an electrical outlet under the bed.

Margaret Adamcewicz said on Wednesday that Hubbard was hiding upstairs underneath the bed in the bedroom of his daughter, who had dated him five years ago. “It didn’t end well,” Adamcewicz said. “He didn't say why he came back. He just picked our house to hide out in.

He didn’t have a home to live in. I haven't heard from him in five years,” said Adamcewicz. “I wasn't scared, I was just angry,” she added. Hubbard entered the home when the homeowner took out the garbage, authorities said.

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