US rock band Switchfoot on their India tour, more in a candid chat

Mar 21, 2015, 06:54 IST | Hassan M Kamal

American Alternative Rock band, Switchfoot, is ready to test new waters as the two-decade-old band sets out to woo India’s youth with their debut India tour, starting from Mumbai on March 25

For those who remember the 2002 teenage romantic drama, A Walk To Remember, there’s something to cheer about. Switchfoot, the American Alternative Rock band, whose songs featured throughout the film’s score, and played a role in the film’s success, will be playing live in the city, next week.

Members of the band, Switchfoot
Members of the band, Switchfoot

The line-up includes singer/songwriter Jon Foreman, his younger brother (and co-writer) Tim Foreman on bass, drummer Chad Butler and multi-instrumentalist Jerome Fontamillas. Besides music, the band also shares an interest in surfing, which is also what inspired the band’s name, Switchfoot, after switching foot while surfing. The band is brought to India by VH1.

Currently based out of San Diego, California, Switchfoot will be completing 20 years in 2016, and is now touring the world. Excerpts from an interview.

Q. How did this India tour happen?
A. Several years ago, Jon spent some time in India and has been telling the rest of us how amazing it is! India’s people and culture have been the biggest attraction to us as a band.

Q. Next year will mark two decades for Switchfoot. What keeps you going, especially with having to keep up with changing tastes in music?
A. Our goal has always been to play honest songs, to communicate hope and play music we love with people we love. We make music that we are excited about! You have to believe it yourself in order to go around the world playing it night after night.

Q. Your fans still swear by the songs featured in the movie, A Walk To Remember. Has your musical style, as a band, evolved since then?
A. We have grown up along the way but I do still believe in songs like Dare You To Move. As artistes, we are constantly excited about the latest songs on our album, Fading West, but we are uniquely fortunate to enjoy playing our older material as well.

Q. The band will be on tour for the next six months. Isn’t it tiring?
A. Travelling is tiring but our motivation to communicate is strong. Our songs have always asked big questions about life and we enjoy the dialogue.

Q. What’s next for Switchfoot after the 2015 tour?
A. We have been working on a few new songs recently exploring new sounds for the band. We love making music together and look forward to releasing our 10th album in our 20th year.

Q. There are rumours that the band might focus on individual projects after this tour. Is it true?
A. Individual projects look different for each of us; all are not musical. We are all big fans of Jon’s solo projects and look forward to his new songs coming out, very soon!

Q. Will you also be recording on tour? If yes, when do you expect the recordings to be made available?
A. At times, we record the live shows, and otherwise, we are backstage recording new ideas before the show. We don’t know for sure when either might be released, it’s a fluid process.

On: March 25, 8 pm onwards
At: Hard Rock Cafe, Worli.
Entry: 1,500 and 500 cover; 3,000 (for VIP passes)
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