US student dances his way across China in 100 days

Jan 14, 2014, 12:59 IST | Agencies

Well, it is one way to see a country. Dartmouth sophomore Jake Gaba has danced his way across China in 100 days, all to a Bruno Mars soundtrack

The language student filmed his moves and is fast becoming an Internet smash almost 31,000 people have viewed his video on YouTube. Gaba is shown dancing, among other places, in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’An and Hong Kong, stopping off in each location to film his dancing.

Jake Gaba’s dancing video is becoming an Internet favourite and already 31,000 people have viewed it

He is seen dancing with a panda, real and otherwise, schoolchildren, a cigarette-smoking guard, and in a hotel lift, where someone unwittingly knocks over his camera and tripod. “I knew I wanted to capture my experiences in a very special way, and I also knew that just taking photos of my travels wasn’t enough. I had to dance,” he explains on the YouTube posting.

All his moves are set to the Bruno Mars song, Treasure. “Sometimes it’d be 40 to 50 people surrounding my tripod taking pictures and videos of me. They’d ask to take pictures of me and I’d answer in Chinese and they’d be blown away,” he added, saying, “‘I want to say a big thanks to all of the Chinese people I danced with. You all were great sports. Also, thank you to all my schoolmates who put up with me stopping every 30 minutes to shoot another segment.”

He said he was inspired to make a dancing video after a video by Matt Harding went viral, which showed him dancing around 42 countries. Gaba spent 15 hours editing the video, which he hopes will make it to Ellen DeGeneres’ famous TV show, and also perhaps be tweeted by Bruno Mars himself. “I really want to dance with Ellen. That’s my dream,” he said. “And I want Bruno Mars to tweet it. We’ll see what happens.”

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