Using cleavage 'to get ahead in life'

Aug 01, 2012, 11:08 IST | ANI

British women are top of the game when it comes to using their cleavage to get ahead in life, a new study has claimed

According to the findings of the survey, commissioned by a lingerie giant, an increasing amount of females are reaping the benefits of their decolletage.

In a poll of 1,000 women across the UK, one in seven admitted to wearing plunging necklines in the workplace to give their career a boost, while 8 percent revealed that low-cut tops had helped them escape a parking fine.

Sex and relationships, Using cleavage 'to get ahead in life'

Meanwhile half admitted they flashed more flesh in a bid to get served at a bar and more than a quarter - 28 percent - believed a bust-enhancing bra would make a lasting impression on a potential suitor.

Overall two thirds of women reported exposing clothing made them feel sexy and more confident.

“Showing your cleavage is the embodiment of empowerment,” a major newspaper quoted a spokesperson for of the lingerie firm as saying.

Striving for the ultimate cleavage the poll also discovered that four in five women eye up other girls’ assets, from friends to celebrities.

Top 5 places where women flash their flesh:
Cleavage in bars in a bid to get served – 50 percent
Wear a bust-enhancing bra on a first date – 28 percent
Use assets to queue jump – 16 percent 
Wear plunging necklines in the workplace to boost their career – 14 percent
Rely on low-cut tops to escape a parking fine – 8 percent

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