Vanessa Hudgens loves being brunette

May 09, 2012, 09:05 IST | IANS

Actress Vanessa Hudgens says she loves having dark hair.

The actress dyed her hair blonde for new teen drama "Spring Breakers", but admits she is happy sporting darker locks. "I definitely don't think I am going to go blonde again any time soon," quoted her as saying.

Vanessa Hudgens. Pic/Santa Banta

"It was fun for a while and perfect for the character it doesn't work for me," she added. Hudgens is not only an actor but also a singer, however, due to acting, music took a backseat. But she insists her music career isn't over. "I'm definitely not giving it up," she said.

"Music is such a big part of my life. My closest friends are musicians and I'm constantly surrounded by it but for me, right now, it's not something I've been doing. I'm concentrating on acting projects for now but I know I will return to music some day," she added.  

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