Varun Dhawan's caught in the net

Jun 11, 2013, 09:31 IST | Avantika Patil

Gen- Next hottie Varun Dhawan is a total tech freak. Be it the latest gadget or mobile application, Varun wants it all.

Varun who has been recently roped in by a number of technology brands talks to CS about his love for technology and gadgets:

Varun Dhawan
Who: Varun Dhawan
What: Talking about his love for networking

Need of the hour
I believe that more than a hobby technology is the need of the hour. As an actor,  I don’t get much time to read papers or watch TV. So, my mobile phone or tablet is my connection to the outside world. Being updated is very important for each one of us. Today's youth has different channel of communication - social networking and I don't see anything wrong in it.

A pioneer of sorts
I am totally into social networking as it keeps you closely connected with all your near and dear ones. They are just a click away, no matter how far you are from them. The best part is that you don't miss out on special days, moments and news of your close friends. I am very proud of the fact that I was amongst the first few people to join Facebook. I joined the site way before it was launched in India. I was a 16-year-old then, studying in the UK. At that time, Facebook was just limited to campus use.

Dosti on the digital platform
I am hooked onto and updated on every possible social network and new ways of communication. I have a huge group of friends and they all are busy in their lives.  I too don’t get much free time. So it isn't always possible for all of us to meet up and chat. Social networking sites help us stay updated. So, even if we don't meet one on one, the bond still remains up, close and personal. However, catching up with your friends over a match or dinner is has its own charm altogether.

Gadget gyaan
I like to stock up on gadgets, especially ones related to music. Whether it’s cameras, video games, gaming and all latest inventions in the field of movie viewing, I have them all. My room is a gizmo den. My favourite gadget is the portable hard disk. With this invention, you can carry your work, important data, and entertainment with you whereever you go. Also, it doubles up as a good backup instrument. The next on my wishlist is a huge 3D television for my room and trust me I am working on it. I will be the proud owner of one soon.

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