Varun Dhawan shares his likes and dislikes in a quick interview

Jul 18, 2013, 08:40 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Varun Dhawan is quite the hottie with his good looks and easy charm

He shares his likes and dislikes with CS in a quick rapid fire.

Favourite past-time: Whenever I am not working, I spend my time watching films, a lot of them.

Favourite film: My all-time favourite films are Rang De Basanti and American Psycho.

Favourite actor: Govinda, I just love him.

Favourite book: Currently, I am reading Ravi Subramanian’s If God Was A Banker and I found it very interesting!

Favourite song: It’s Yaad Aa Rahi Hain from the film Love Story. I just can’t stop humming it.

Favourite cuisine: I love to gorge on Continental food. From Italian to Spanish, I love it all.

Secret fantasy: I would love to run a country! I don’t know how bad or well I will perform, but this is something going on in my mind for a while (winks). But I won’t choose India for that matter!

If not an actor: I would definitely work in the entertainment industry itself. Who knows, I might have become an entertainment journalist. A career in sports was also something I thought of.

Dream role: I would portray the life of solider on screen in a film. I have this immense respect for the armed forces. It would be great to enact a role, which I can cherish forever.

Dating dilemma: I am done with the dating thing. I would like to get into a serious relationship now. I am single at present, and I would like to be with a girl who has a mind of her own.

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