'Vedic Rock is something divine'

Aug 25, 2014, 08:14 IST | Samreen Samad

Vedic Rock band, Bhramm is back with their new single, Shavyatra. Samreen Samad talks to the band’s vocalist, Vinit Rai about their latest track

Q. What’s the story behind Bhramm’s new single, Shavyatra?
A. Shavyatra started in 2010 when the lead guitarist, Mrinal and I were on a bike and we had to stop as there was a shavyatra crossing by. I told Mrinal that I should compose a song on Shavyatra. Mrinal replied immediately, “Sounds like Bhramm; let’s do it.” We composed it finally, after four years.

Q. What is the meaning of Shavyatra?
A. Shavyatra is the last stage of a human soul on earth and first stage of the soul’s journey to the spiritual world. In Hindu belief, the process of carrying a dead body to the pyre to burn it is called shavyatra.

Q. Is there any particular reason for being inactive as a band for 18 months?
A. I met with an accident in my hometown and my arm was dislocated. It took me couple of months to recover. As soon as I started recovering, we started recording our tracks. Right now we have Shavyatra online. Prior to this, we’ve had our most famous track, Ravana, which is based on king Ravan of Lanka. In the coming week, we are about to release our title track — Bhramm. The song describes that the society we live in is nothing but an illusion.

The five-piece  band at a live gig
The five-piece band at a live gig

Q. What is Vedic Rock? How different is it from Indian rock?
A. Vedic Rock is something divine. Being believers of Lord Shiva, we see art as the most sacred gift given to us humans. Art gives us freedom and liberty. This concept is derived from our Vedas, and defines Vedic Rock. In short, we haven’t discovered the genre, but the genre has given us an identity. Vedic Rock is a form of Indian Rock, like Folk and Classical.

Vinit Rai is Bhramm’s lead vocalist
Vinit Rai is Bhramm’s lead vocalist

Q. Who are your musical influences?

A. We don’t have any influences, but artistes such as Indian Ocean give us courage and strength to stick around.

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