Veena Malik says she was resting not 'missing'

Published: Dec 20, 2011, 10:47 IST | ANI |

Veena Malik, who was reported 'missing' for two days resurfaced on Sunday, and insisted that she was in a Mumbai hotel 'resting' not missing.

Veena Malik, who was reported 'missing' for two days resurfaced on Sunday, and insisted that she was in a Mumbai hotel 'resting' not missing.

There were rumours that the Pakistani actress had staged her own disappearance for a publicity stunt, while other reports said that she had left India in a burqa for over-staying her visa.

But Malik says that she has been in India all this time and checked in a hotel 'to crash'.

"I had free time at my disposal and since I had been working for the past 48 hours, I checked in a hotel and went to sleep," Express Tribune quoted her as saying.

"When I woke up, I saw that there were numerous calls and text messages on my cell phone," she said.

PR Manager Sohail Rashid earlier claimed that the last text he received from her was on December 16 at 4:24 am.

"I don't tell people around me what I am going to do in my down time," Malik said.

"However, I think I called my mother after checking in the hotel and told her that I was very tired," she said.

The news of her visa extension has also been made news along with her alleged disappearance.

"This visa issue hype that has been created is wrong. If I am in a neighbouring country, I am there legally," she said.

"I believe I am old enough to take care of myself and before assuming that I was kidnapped or murdered, the media should have thought about that," she added.

The actress had reportedly received death threats because of her controversial 'nude' shoot in FHM India magazine where she appears in nothing but an ISI tattoo on her arm.

"Firstly, I am not receiving any death threats. I am safe and my family is safe. As far as the shoot is concerned; don't American girls wear bikinis and have CIA painted on their bodies?" she said.

"This is exactly what happened here. It was Kabeer Sharma's idea and we did it for fun. People should not take this seriously," she added.

She continues to say that the pictures of her in the magazine were morphed and is even willing to take FHM to the court.

"Yes, I won't back out now. I got played," she said.

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