Veena Malik to turn all holy this Ramzan for telly!

Jul 17, 2012, 12:53 IST | PTI

After rubbing conservatives the wrong way by posing semi-nude for an Indian men's magazine some months ago, Pakistan's controversy queen Veena Malik is all set to turn holy during Ramzan well, at least on the idiot box

Promos for Malik's new TV show, which feature her trying to look her religious best, have gone viral on the internet. With a blue dupatta covering her head, Malik says a throaty 'Astaghfaar' (Arabic for seeking forgiveness), as a solitary tear dramatically rolls down her cheek.

Veena Malik

A TV channel, which will air the show, has become the butt of jokes overnight. There are also many funny takes on Malik's first Bollywood movie 'Daal Main Kuch Kaala Hai', which is due for release soon.

Giving Malik company on TV during the holy month of Ramzan will be Maya Khan, a morning show host who earned the ire of people across Pakistan when she accosted 'immoral' couples dating in Karachi's parks and was fired by her channel. 

Malik was among the first to tweet about her Ramzan show. "After a long exited to record a show for Holy Ramadan transmission n that 2 for a television channel..which was due 4 quite sum tym!!"

Ever since news of Malik hosting the special show broke, she has been trending on Twitter. "I wonder if Veena Malik went to Hero TV just for channel's tagline - 'Dekha day sab kuch' :)" tweeted Kamran Bukhari.

Another Twitter user wrote: "Wait...Is Veena Malik hosting a Ramzan show?!...And I thought shaitan (Satan) gets locked up for month." Yet another suggested that "the companies sponsoring #VeenaMalik's Ramazan show should be ready for total boycott of their offerings/products/svcs#Pakistan . This time the liberals, who seem to have backed Malik all along, also seem to have taken a back seat with most accusing her of selling fake piety.

Some tweeted hoping Malik understood the difference between the holy month and a Bollywood movie. Others are considering filing a petition with Pakistan's media regulatory body to stop her from going on air. Popular singer Salman Ahmad too expressed displeasure at Malik's forthcoming show. 

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