Verify much? Twitterati do 'lungi dance' over fake image

Jun 06, 2016, 19:41 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Social media is at again. A picture of girls wearing lungis to protest a ban on jeans imposed by a Kerala college went viral on Twitter before it emerged that it was fake

Social media is at again. With so much information floating on Twitterverse, it is difficult to verify every bit of news that come one's way.

And it so happened that another 'news' that was trending on Twitter over the weekend with even some celebrities tweeted their support of it, but it has turned out that the image that was driving the 'news' is fake.

The viral photograph shows a group of girls wearing lungis to protest a ban on jeans imposed by Kerala colleges.

It has emerged that the same image was used to suggest that some girls in the US took up that attire after they were bowled over by southern superstar Mahesh Babu in his lungi avatar in the movie ‘Srimanthudu’ . That story was done in August 2015 with many Telugu websites carrying it. 

Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani and VJ Archana Vijaya were among those who shared it on Twitter.

Given the liquor ban in Kerala and the perceived conservative nature of colleges there, the story convinced most Twitterati. Add to that the feminist angle and who wouldn't stand up in support of such brave women.

While it is understandable how the fake image trended, it just shows reinforces how unreliable the social media platform is.

Here are some of the tweets supporting the college girls.





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