Video: Employee caught on camera selling water park tickets in black

Sep 30, 2014, 10:44 IST | Pooja Kalwar

A visitor to the newly launched water park, Aquamagica, who was unable to get a ticket on Sunday, has recorded a video of an employee trying to sell Rs 500 tickets at Rs 2,000

A day after the chaos outside the newly launched water park, Aquamagica, when visitors had a heated argument with the management after they found out that the tickets were sold out, one of the people who was left standing outside has alleged that an Adlabs employee tried to sell them tickets at a higher rate.

The employee wearing the Adlabs ID card was caught on camera trying to sell tickets at a higher price
The employee wearing the Adlabs ID card was caught on camera trying to sell tickets at a higher price

In the video captured by the visitor, a uniformed employee of Adlabs is seen selling tickets at four times higher than the promotional price. According to the Bhayander-resident, Mousam Kothari, an hour after the crowd started to disperse, a staff member was seen loitering outside the counter of Imagica.

He was offering tickets to Aquamagica for Rs 2,000 each, as against the introductory offer of Rs 500 per head offered by the organisation till September 30 as a promotional strategy. Speaking to mid-day, Kothari said, “The management was offering 50 per cent off on tickets to Imagica.

mid-day report yesterday
mid-day report yesterday

I feel it was only a strategy to divert the angry crowd away from the water park and towards the amusement park. Some opted for it, while others thought about returning home. After some time, an employee started openly selling the tickets which were priced at Rs 500, for Rs 2,000 in front of the counter. How is it possible when the tickets had been sold out in 10 minutes?”

Water park says
Daniel Francis, spokesperson of Adlabs Entertainment Ltd, said, “This is a shocking revelation and an isolated incident. We have taken serious cognisance and initiated an inquiry. We assure our customers that strict action will be taken against the individual involved. As a company, we are committed to fair business practices, and this incident is completely against our vision and principles.”

On Sunday, hundreds of visitors went to the water park, hoping to spend their weekend there, but were left disappointed when within 10 minutes after the ticket counter opened, they were informed that all tickets were sold out.

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