VIDEO: View from space: Cyclone storm over Mumbai to Himalayas

Jun 08, 2015, 19:46 IST | A Correspondent

A NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station has been tweeting incredible views from space. This time he's shot a cyclone storm over Mumbai all the way to Himalayas

Interested in knowing what a cyclone storm over India looks like? Well, you are in luck. NASA astronaut Terry W Virts has shot a video of a cyclone storm over Mumbai all the way to Himalayas, as seen from space.

Virts, who shot the video from International Space Station, posted the video of the cyclone formation over the city on Twitter.

Cyclone storm over Mumbai. Image Courtesy: Twitter @AstroTerry

The video shows the cyclone formation extending from Mumbai to the Himalayas and is an indication that the monsoon is all over the country. The vine shows an amazing image of white clouds across the blue sky.

Virts has has built a huge following on social media after his Vine channel quickly evolved into an Internet sensation due to his stunning space videos, vines and photos.

He has tweeted some other incredible images also including of the night sky of Mumbai, Delhi and other Indian cities. He had also posted some images of the Indian topography from space, including the Ganges and thurnder storms.

The India Meteorological Department on Sunday made a forecast of the 'depression' in the Arabian sea turning into "deep depression" in the next 24 hours, bringing heavy rains to the western coast of the country - Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.

Virts, who was born in December 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland, has been in space as the commander for Expedition 43, which launched on a Russian Soyuz on December 2014.


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