Vidya Balan's food confessions

Jun 28, 2012, 09:03 IST | Avantika Patil

Vidya Balan and her curves have spiced up the 70 mm screen every now and then. And the damsel has no qualms in admitting that she is a foodie and loves binging on Indian food

The Ooh la la girl talks to CS about healthy food, her mother’s kitchen and the best of South Indian food in town:

Who: Vidya Balan
What: On her love for Indian home-cooked food

India aha!
I have always liked Indian food. It is tasty as well as healthy. Generally, everyone has this misconception that anything made with healthier ingredients cannot be tasty. But it is so not true. Also if you eat right things in the right quantity on the right time, it won’t harm at all. Anything home-cooked can never harm in any way. I’m all for the Indian woman’s curvaceous body and I’m happy the way I am. I don’t think I’ll ever consciously try and change my body unless I need to for a film.

Mom’s kitchen
I love home-cooked food and if my mother’s made it, it’s heaven. My sister always pulls a joke on me saying that if mom were to serve me salt less food I’d still relish it without complaining. I guess, it’s the love that makes all the difference and adds on as the secret ingredient. I am not particularly fond of rice. I like avial, morkootaan, pachadi, etc. And if it is made by my mom then nothing like it. Also I really enjoy Thai cuisine. It is easily available, tasty, and healthy.

Snack time
In this season, chai time with hot crispy snacks is an indulgence. Stuff like kanda bhajiya, wada pav, kerala banana chips, etc. But all of the above are rare indulgences as I have to keep a check on the extra kgs I put on. Anything hot and spicy with a hot cup of tea is an instant mood lifter for me.

Of idlis and dosas
My mother is the best cook. In fact, sometimes my friends come over for a typical South Indian meal. Sunday lunches at home are best. Mom makes it a point to make traditional dishes like the molagootal. There are many South Indian joints in the city that have retained their original charm. I often order food home from a Manis or Sunders, or then Hanuman Café. While few restaurants may have altered the food, most of them have tried to retain its originality. The meal isn’t only complete and wholesome but also very affordable.The best part about the South Indian cuisine is that it’s untouched by commercialisation.

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