Vidya Balan says it with a hug

Apr 12, 2013, 08:44 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Fans assembled near the actress' film sets had a rather surprising request for her

Recently while Vidya Balan was shooting for her upcoming film in Rustomjee Complex at Goregaon, the locals residing there had a fanboy moment. They waited for hours to meet their favourite actress and at the end of their meet and greet session had a rather surprising request for her to fulfill. 

Vidya Balan

Sources say instead of the regular autographs and photographs, each and every fan wanted to hug the actress.

A unit member says, “Vidya was completing a 12-hour shift that had started at 7 am. Soon locals came to know of her presence and gathered near the sets to meet her.”

While the crew waited for the crowd to disperse, to their surprise they decided to wait till the end of the day. Finally, Vidya emerged from her vanity van to fulfill their demand.

The source adds, “When Vidya realised that people were waiting to meet her, she came out of the van. She was surprised to know that they neither wanted her signatures nor her pictures. Instead they wanted to hug her. She immediately granted their wish.” 

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