Vidyut wants to be the Indian Arnold

Jan 18, 2013, 09:26 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Vidyut Jammwal hopes to become a desi action hero just like the Hollywood star in Commando

Newbie Vidyut Jammwal, who was seen in the John Abraham starrer Force, is keen to be known as B-Town’s action star. In the upcoming Vipul Shah production, the actor has indulged in some daredevil combats. But what’s also giving him an adrenaline rush is that the ultimate action star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new project has hit the marquee.

It’s also a fanboy moment for Vidyut as his film has him essay a special forces agent — a role which Schwarzenegger reprised in his well known 1985 film Commando.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Says a source, “Schwarzenegger is back on the big screen after a hiatus with his new movie. While Vidyut, who is also a martial artist, is all set to kickstart the promotions for his project. He feels it is an uncanny coincidence. When it comes to action, Arnold leads with a line-up that boasts of extremely stylised, high-impact action films, which changed the action genre. The newbie hopes that he too can be synonymous with auctioneers in Bollywood.”

Adds the source, “Vidyut has done some hardcore yet true-to-life stunts in the flick. He is being touted to change the action landscape in India with sequences that include mid-air splits and somersaults besides flip punches — all done by him without any body double.”

Producer Vipul Shah and his unit are hoping that their leading man will change the game of action in India much like how Arnold did with his 1985 film in Hollywood.  

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