Vijay Palande has filed 25 RTI requests for case details

Jun 09, 2014, 08:13 IST | Ketan Ranga

Has four murder cases including those of film producer Karan Kakkad and Arunkumar Tikku — and has been trying to get vital documents to find out flaws in the police’s investigations, as trials are to begin soon

Serial murder accused Vijay Palande has filed a total of 25 Right to Information (RTI) applications to know the details of investigations in his ongoing cases. Palande, who is currently behind bars, has currently four murder cases against him – of TV producer Karan Kakkad and Arunkumar Tikku, father of actor Anuj Tikku, the double murder of airport union leader Anup Das and his father, and another unknown person.

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Vijay Palande
Vijay Palande 

Palande began filing the applications five months ago, and has asked for the Crime Branch to provide him with details of the investigations regarding his cases. After his arrest in the murders of Kakkad and Tikku, Palande has been in judicial custody since 2012. Apart from the murders, he also has three other cases of cheating and forgery. This makes it a total of six chargesheets.

Palande has been asking the Crime Branch to provide him with documents, so he can find any goof-ups or loopholes in the police investigations. He has filed to get statements of witnesses, details of the car in which he carried the body, the person who has possession of the car currently, how many times police entered his Amboli residence, diary entries made by the police and so on.

Furthermore, he has asked for the letter in which he made Tikku write a suicide note, report of the narco-analysis test conducted on him, the letter where he consented to undergo the test and other such related reports. Confirming the same, an officer from the Crime Branch said Palande had requested for minute details of the case.

“However, we are providing only those details that do not hamper our investigations,” he said. Police said the reason for his sudden hunger for knowledge is because the trial dates for his cases are nearing, and he has decided to find flaws in the police’s investigations.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ambadas Pote said, “He is trying to get information about his cases through RTI requests. We will provide him with the details, provided it does not hamper our case.”

Murder cases against Palande
>> Palande, along with aides Dhananjay Shinde and Manoj Gajkosh, allegedly killed aspiring film producer Karan Kakkad in his flat in March 2012. He allegedly wanted to murder actor Anuj Tikku, but after the sudden arrival of Anuj’s father, Arunkumar, from Delhi, he changed his plans. Two of Palande’s aides allegedly murdered Arunkumar in April 2012. They cut their bodies into pieces and dumped it in the valley in Chiplun, Ratnagiri. Police had later recovered the body parts.

>> Palande is also accused of murdering airport union leader Anup Das and his father Swaraj Ranjan. After being put behind bars for the case, Palande jumped parole in September 2003.

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