'Village famous not for Vinobha Bhave's birth, but for Sheena Bora's death'

Sep 04, 2015, 16:45 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Gagode Budruk village sarpanch says even though human rights crusader Vinobha Bhave was born there, area has only become famous now, after Sheena Bora's high profile murder case

Whatever may be the outcome of Sheena Bora’s murder investigation, the village where her body was found has become famous. The once quiet village is now buzzing with activity, as people head there to catch a glimpse of the forested spot where Sheena’s body was dumped in 2012 and even click a selfie or two there.

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People have flocked to Gagode Budruk village to see where the body was found. Some even clicked selfies there
People have flocked to Gagode Budruk village to see where the body was found. Some even clicked selfies there

Sheena’s body was found at a khindi (valley) in Gagode Budruk village in Pen on May 23, 2012, nearly a month after it had been dumped there. The local police had buried it on the same day, at the same spot. It was only when the Khar police opened the murder investigation three years later on August 25, that the murder mystery captured the nation’s imagination.

“Our village of Gagode Budruk has become famous instantly. The village is the birthplace of Vinobha Bhave (human rights crusader), but no one knows about that. Since this case though, the village has been in the spotlight for the murder. In fact, we get so many calls from our relatives and friends outside the village, asking about the case.

For the past week, we have seen media persons roaming here from morning till night. We see them everywhere,” said Sameer Patil, the sarpanch and Police Patil at Gagode Budruk. Now, that same cliff side in Gagode Budruk has become a macabre tourist spot, with several tourist buses and vehicles halting there so passengers can click pictures.

Many people have travelled all the way there — with little kids in tow — specifically to take a look at the spot. Initially, the cops had cordoned off the area, but since they recovered the skeletal remains thought to belong to Sheena, the spot has been open for all.

Selfie spot
Travellers passing by the Pen-Khopoli road, where the crime scene is located, make sure to stop there for at least a few minutes. Ganesh Naik, a conductor on one of the tourist buses that had halted there, said, “People are so curious and excited when I tell them this is the place that where the body was dumped.

The bus halts for a while, people get down, take pictures and then we leave. I have even seen people taking selfies at the spot.” Others, like Mahesh Gaikwad, have travelled there just to take a look at the spot. “I have travelled 12 km along with the friend to get here. We have heard so much about the incident.

People are coming here with their families, even little kids. We are all curious to know where the body was dumped and what the spot looks like. We also saw huge holes that had been dug up by cops looking for her remains,” said Gaikwad, who lives in the city area in Pen, adding, “It is a very saddening incident.”

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