Village named 'F*****g' to vote in favour of name change to 'Fugging'!

Apr 20, 2012, 12:39 IST | ANI

A pictured postcard Austrian village 'F*****g' is being forced to bow to the power of the English language by changing its name

Now the village is set to vote on a switch and the 16th century version of the name “Fugging” is likely to be adopted.

It may be an end to the random telephone calls which recipients find considerably less amusing than the people making them.

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“The phone calls are really the final straw,” the Daily mail quoted local Mayor Franz Meindl as saying.

Meindl confirmed that the village street signs were regularly stolen no matter how firmly they were concreted into the ground.

Drivers have told how they have disturbed naked couples romping in front of the signs, and local entrepreneurs made the situation worse by flogging off F*****g postcards, Christmas cards and F*****g beer.

Residents last voted on the subject in 1996 when it decided to keep the name despite problems caused by American servicemen from across the border in Germany that drove to the region just to be photographed in front of signs.

If the name change goes ahead, they will be following in the footsteps of stadium bosses in Switzerland who were forced to change their name from Wankdorf because red-faced stars were too embarrassed to play there.

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