Vinay, the wanderer

Sep 13, 2011, 09:22 IST | Sheena Thomas

Vinay Pathak loves his job. Well, that is mainly because he gets to travel to the best places in the world, on work.

Vinay Pathak loves his job. Well, that is mainly because he gets to travel to the best places in the world, on work. From London to Africa, Sri Lanka to the less explored places in India, Vinay has seen the world, free of cost. Having recently returned from Himachal, where he was shooting for a film, the actor talks to CS about his wanderlust:

Who: Vinay Pathak
What: Talking about some of the best places that he's visited

Pic/ Mahesh Chafe

Chalo Himachal
My life couldn't get better. I travel while I work, and I work while I travel. I'm a complete globetrotter and I love to embark on the journey of a film, literally. My recent trip to Himachal couldn't have been better. It is such a beautiful state. I've lost count of the number of towns and villages we visited there. However, this wasn't my first time in Himachal. I once shot for a film with Om Puri here and went home with some very special memories. I can't forget the time when I fell off a horse here. But in spite of all that, I love this place. I've been making it a point to visit this state regularly.

Going places
Some of the best places that I have visited on work include London, Sri Lanka, Africa, Punjab, Rajasthan, to name a few. Though I'm usually with my cast and  crew when I travel, I enjoy being on my own when I am seeing places. That is the best way to take in the sights and sounds. My camera makes for a great companion. And of course, it feels great to not be recognised by anyone in a foreign destination.

Wowed by Vancouver
I remember I was once shooting for a telefilm in Vancouver that surprisingly wrapped up a little before schedule. I was told that I could stay on for a few more days if I wanted to, in the apartment complex that had been booked for me. So I would wake up every morning and cook some fresh vegetarian food for myself.

Like you'd know, I'm a complete foodie and enjoy cooking too. Then I would have a lazy lunch, nap for a while and then wander around the place post 4:30pm. It was so much fun visiting the Jazz clubs, the movie theatres, the squares etc. I'm quite a sociable person so I ended up making friends with people who had no idea that I was an actor. And guess what, I'm still in touch with them.

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