Viper bite wipes out Mumbai youth's New Year's Eve celebrations

Jan 02, 2015, 08:25 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

A 25-year-old was bitten by a venomous snake while waiting to meet his friends in Aarey Colony; miraculously, he suffered no serious repercussions from the bite

New Year’s Eve took a depressing turn for a 25-year-old after he was bitten by a venomous snake while he was waiting for his friends to join him in Aarey Milk Colony. Needless to say, all his plans of celebrating the night with his friends were poisoned as well, as he spent the night in a hospital.

Kadam’s plans for New Year’s Eve were quite literally poisoned, after a venomous snake bit him and he had to spend the night in a hospital
Kadam’s plans for New Year’s Eve were quite literally poisoned, after a venomous snake bit him and he had to spend the night in a hospital

Thankfully, the youth suffered no major repercussions from the bite. The incident took place around 9 pm on Wednesday, as Aarey Milk Colony resident, Tejas Kadam, waited for his friends at the ground near Picnic Point, full of anticipation for the evening ahead. “I was just sitting on one of the seats at the ground when I accidentally put my hand on something tingly.

As soon as I touched it, I felt a sting and I realised that it was a snake. I began to panic, but by that time my friends had arrived,” said Tejas. His friends stoned the snake, which was trying to escape, and showing great presence of mind, took it along with them as they rushed Tejas to the hospital.

“We reached the hospital around 11.30 pm. By that time, Tejas’ hand had gone numb and we were hoping that there would be no other complications. Only last month, a senior citizen from our locality lost her life to a snake bite,” said Tejas’ uncle, Vinod Kadam.

Miraculous escape
Doctors at KEM Hospital confirmed that the snake was a young Russell’s Viper, also known as Daboia, one of the four venomous snakes commonly found in the vicinity of Aarey Milk Colony.

They also pointed out that Tejas had had a very narrow slip, since the bite seemed to have been a dry bite, without venom. According to various reports, it is quite rare for the Russell’s viper to deliver dry bites.

“We conducted a blood test at night and another in the morning. Both the reports were normal. We also did an X-ray of his fingers and chest to check any possible damage the venom might’ve caused. Kadam was lucky that the bite wasn’t deep and there were no serious damage,” said a doctor from the emergency ward.

Tejas was kept under observation for 24 hours, which meant he spent all of New Year’s Eve in a hospital. “This is the first New Year night that I have spent on a hospital bed. Our entire group was really upset about it, but the only relief was that I had a narrow slip. Had the bite been a proper one, I could’ve probably ended up in a grave situation,” said Tejas.

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