The Vir Das app score card

Feb 01, 2017, 08:57 IST | Krutika Beharawala

We test the actor, comedian's new app to find out if it's worth the time and space on your mobile phone

A Slick, black-and-white GIF of Vir Das striking a meditative pose, mid-jump, mid-air greets us when we open Vir Das Official, a mobile app launched by the stand-up comic and actor. With this, he joins a slew of international and a few Indian celebrities. The app, launched last fortnight, is available for free download on Android and iOS.

What we like
Considering Das is extremely active on Twitter, the app integrates his profile and throws up daily updates of his posts.
We prefer reading his long, mostly hilarious, tweets here rather than the site since they appear in a concise format. You can also share these tweets across other social media platforms.

The video section features older clips of his comedy rock band, Alien Chutney, such as The 2014 Indian Election Song that still makes us laugh. The section also includes his most recent project, season two of Potcast, an experimental series where he analyses news seated on a toilet seat. The latest is a Christmas medley that he created in December, which takes a dig at everything from PM Modi to demonetisation and Arvind Kejriwal. While it's available on YouTube, this one is ad-free and hence, makes for non-interruptive entertainment.

There are a few behind-the-scene jamming videos too. For those who wish to catch his live shows across the world, the app offers updated information about tour dates for the next two months, including links to booking sites.

What we don't like
Though the app offers a playlist of songs from Alien Chutney, you can hear them only if you have Soundcloud. Secondly, we miss the candid content that gives us a glimpse into Das' effervescent personality, whether it's what he loves to eat and drink or if he is a dog or cat person.

There's also an option of sending a private message to stay in touch with Das. We tried three times but the server failed to deliver them. If this starts to work, the app could be worth your time.

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