Viral fever cases rise, docs blame erratic weather

Sep 03, 2012, 06:39 IST | Anup Satphale

Doctors in the city are blaming the growing number of viral fever cases in the city on the prolongoned presence of viruses in the air because of erratic weather.

Doctors said in the past the viruses would remain active only during three first three months of the monsoon — such of June, July and August. But this time they prolonged their exit by another couple of months. 

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“There is a drastic change in the pattern of viral fever these days. Usually, viral fever would affect patients for just two to three months in a year. But the period has increased by a couple of months and viruses active in the city around for four months. Several patients are also suffering from low blood platelets count,” Dr Vikas Pai of Pai clinic and diagnostic centre said.

Docs in difficulty
Dr Anilkumar Mune, a physician, said these days doctors were not getting expected results despite putting patients on antibiotics or an anti-viral course. “We are trying different methods to treat patients. These days diagnosis has become problematic, as we can not find any virus that we can treat,” Mune said. Dr Bhimsing Shirsath of civic-run Naidu Hospital confirmed that cases of viral fever were on the rise in the city. “Change in monsoon pattern must be the reason behind it. We come across several such cases and give necessary medicines and antibiotics to the patients,” Shirshat said. 

Open nullahs
Dr Pai said the number of viral fever cases were high amongst people residing close to an open nullah or a canal. “This help viruses causing Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria and Typhoid multiply. Viral fever cases are increasing in Hadapsar, Yerwada, Ghorpadi and Model Colony because as there are open canals and nullahs in theses areas. Also, decaying mounds of garbage during monsoon provide viruses with breeding grounds.”  Pai said.

Lifestyle factor

Dr Manisha Suryawanshi, who practices yoga therapy, said treating viral diseases was becoming difficult and prevention was the way out.
“If we modified our lives and focus on increasing immunity it will help us keep such diseases at bay,” Suryawanshi said. 

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