Viral video:Dani Alves's classic response to banana-throwing fan

Apr 28, 2014, 17:12 IST | A Correspondent

Watch how Barcelona fullback Dani Alves reacts after some unruly spectator throws a banana at him during his side's match at Villarreal on Sunday

Barcelona full-back Dani Alvez gave a fitting response to some unruly spectator who threw a banana at him during his side's match at Villarreal on Sunday.

Alves had a banana thrown at him as he took a corner in his side's match at Villarreal on Sunday -- and decided to eat it.

The incident took place as the Brazilian was preparing to take a corner. A Villareal fan threw a banana on the pitch near him. But instead of letting the incident disturb him, Dani calmly picked up the banana, peeled it, took a bite and then tossed away the peel before carrying on with the game.

Barcelona fullback Dani Alves
Barcelona fullback Dani Alves. Photo: AFP

The video footage of Alves's humorous response to attempted racist taunt at the El Madrigal stadium has become an Internet rage.

Barcelona went on to win the match by 3-2.

Alves has been a regular target of racist abuse during his 11 years in Spain with both Sevilla and Barcelona.

After the match, Alves said humour was the best way to combat racism in sport. 

"I have been in Spain 11 years and it has been the same for 11 years. You have to laugh at these backward people," he said.

"We are not going to change it, so you have to take it almost as a joke and laugh at them."

"Utterly brilliant reaction from Alves. Treat the racist berk with complete disdain!," tweeted former England international Gary Lineker who once played for Barcelona.

Alves' teammate Neymar posted a photo of himself with a peeled banana on the internet in support. Neymar posted a picture of himself and his son with a banana on Facebook with the caption "#weareallmonkeys." 

Barcelona also expressed support for the footballer, saying, "wishes to express their complete support and solidarity with our first team player Dani Alves." 

Besides Neymar, Argentina striker Sergio Aguero, Brazil women's striker Marta and former Brazil international Roberto Carlos also posted internet photos of themselves with bananas.

Napoli's Dries Merthens also backed the Brazilian defender, tweeting a picture of himself eating a banana along with the message "Great reaction by Dani Alves. Respect!"

TV host Piers Morgan also had his say, claiming it was the "Greatest response to racism you will ever see".

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